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Dear manager, on
your database server has been locked, your databases files are encrypted and you have unfortunately "lost" all your data, Encryption was produced using unique public key RSA-2048 generated for this server.
To decrypt files you need to obtain the private key.
All encrypted files ends with .Crypt

Your reference number: 3964
To obtain the program for this server, which will decrypt all files, you need to pay 1 bitcoin on our bitcoin address 1HvvGyUvwqxrbkrHxVxcAsK3LsSBet1c4f (today 1 bitcoin was 3900 $).
Only we and you know about this bitcoin address.
You can check bitcoin balance here - 1HvvGyUvwqxrbkrHxVxcAsK3LsSBet1c4f

After payment send us your number on our mail add1ct@yahoo.com and we will send you decryption tool (you need only run it and all files will be decrypted during 1...3 $ Before payment you can send us one small file (100..500 kilobytes) and we will decrypt it - it's your guarantee that we have decryption tool. And send us your number w$
We don't know who are you, All what we need is some money.
Don't panic if we don't answer you during 24 hours. It means that we didn't received your letter and write us again.
You can use one of that bitcoin exchangers for transfering bitcoin.
You dont need install bitcoin programs - you need only use one of this exchangers or other exchanger that you can find in www.google.com for your country.
Please use english language in your letters. If you don't speak english then use https://translate.google.com to translate your letter on english language.

You do not have enough time to think each day payment will increase by

BTC and after one week your privite key will be deleted and your files will be locked for ever.